The Tektronix Golf League is now in it's 14th season of playing golf at local area golf courses. The league plays every Thursday after work from mid April in to September. The league is open to all Tektronix employees, former employees, retirees and Tek employee family/friends.

Special Event Checklist

Congratulations!  If you've received this link, it must mean that you've been given the honor of hosting a TekGolf Special Event.  There's no need to worry, if you ever run into difficulty or have a question that's not answered here, just send an email to the Board, and someone will get to you.

The following checklist has been put together based on experiences from events in the past.  Remember that each golf course handles groups like ours differently, ranging from formal/contract-based agreements to verbal/hand-shake agreements.  After your event, please let us know how we can make the this checklist better for the next person.

Planning the Event

  • Determine at least 3 months in advance that you would like to coordinate an event.



  • Look at the latest posted schedule to see if there are already events scheduled during the time you're thinking.



  • Check with the TekGolf Board to determine if there are any conflicts that haven't been published.



  • Contact the golf course (or other venue) to see if they would schedule a group and that they have dates available.



  • Typically, local weekend golf events range from 3-5 foursomes



  • The farther away and more expensive the event, expect fewer people.



  • Portland city courses typically have a $5/player surcharge - we have tended to avoid them.


Possible Formats

As event coordinator, you get to choose the format of the event.  Straight low net or net team competitions are fine.  There are a couple of books with some game ideas:  The Complete Book of Golf Games by Scott Johnston and Chi Chi's Golf Games You Gotta Play by Chi Chi Rodriguez.  Some ideas that have worked in the past:

  • Scramble



  • Low-net team



  • Pink Ball


Arrangements with the Course

  • Work with the course the way they prefer to work.  Some courses use formal, written contracts while others prefer verbal agreements and will just schedule the event in their books.


  • Make sure there's flexibility in case you don't get the number of people signed up as expected.


  • If a deposit is required, consult the Board to get approval and a check cut.


Scheduling with the Club Membership

  • Get people to pay up front - they're less likely to back out.  Make them responsible for finding a replacement if they cannot make it at the last minute (or their money will be forfeited).


  • Have the President announce the event.  Make sure that the following is in the announcement:


  • Time


  • Location - include directions


  • Cost - include cost of event plus a little extra for prizes (usually $5); we also still charge the $2 guest fee for non-TekGolf members


  • Deadline - to verbally and also financially commit.


  • Any dress codes (if applicable)


  • Format


  • Instructions on how to form teams (if applicable)


Prior to the Event Day

  • Draw up group pairings / assign tee times


  • depends upon the type of format whether this can be chosen by the players, or assigned by the coordinator. For example, a scramble would require assignment ( guess most of the rest of the tournament formats are handicap dependent, and probably wouldn't require this )


  • Obtain a prize budget from the Board?


  • Determine categories for winners


  • Will there be separate flights?


  • How far down will the prizes go? ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or ??, other prizes could include KP, long drive, fewest putts, etc. )


  • Purchase prizes


  • See if you can get someone or multiple people to bring cameras / volunteer as photographers


  • Decide if there you may want to include food as part of the package - I liked this a lot when we did it a couple of years ago at the OGA course, made it really easy, didn't have to worry about people stopping too long at the turn.


On the Event Day

  • Write a single check to the course - assumes you've already had everyone pre-pay - This is a much easier way to deal with it, rather than require everyone to pay in the clubhouse and then also pay the prize pot.


  • Take lots of pictures - candid and posed. These are always fun to look at afterwards for everyone involved, and for those that couldn't make it, makes them want to come to the next event.


  • Play in one of the middle tee times. If there is another co-organizer, have one person go in the first group and the other go out in the last group.  This allows you to get things started off on time, get everyone organized at the start, and also allows time at the end to collect cards and get the prizes while waiting for the last groups.


  • Be ready to announce winners as soon as you can, some people schedule it close so they don't / can't stick around very long.


After the Event Day

  • Post the results and the pictures to the web, or send them to the secretary/webmaster to do for you


  • Provide a report to the Board at their next regular meeting - review financials and any reimbursements.


  • Deliver any prizes to people who had to leave the event early.


  • Give yourself a cold beverage and a pat on the back, even if no one else does! This is hard work!



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