The Tektronix Golf League is now in it's 14th season of playing golf at local area golf courses. The league plays every Thursday after work from mid April in to September. The league is open to all Tektronix employees, former employees, retirees and Tek employee family/friends.

Scoring Information


A single score card is to be maintained and turned in for each group. Please make sure that the card gets turned into a league Board member on the day of the event. There will always be an officer or another designated scorekeeper hanging around the club house after the weekly league play.

Please make sure that the scores, names and tee preferences are clearly legible. Please make sure that the names uniquely identify the players. If first name is a common one, please include last initial or last name.

For OGA members, please include "adjusted score" in addition to the "gross score".

Maximum Strokes per Hole

To help maintain speed of play and sanity, please "pick up" after reaching 10 strokes on any single hole. For purposes of league scoring, simply record a score of 10. For OGA members, if this exceeds the max allowed by ESC for your handicap range, note the difference and remember to also report your adjusted score. Fore more info on ESC see section below.

Handicap System

Based on your reported league scores, we will compute a 9-hole "TekGolf" handicap index that will be posted on our weekly results page. We use a slightly modified USGA handicap formula. The "TekGolf" handicap is strictly for the purposes of our weekly league play. If you are an OGA member, we will also report your weekly scores to the OGA for USGA handicap purposes.

For specific information on the USGA handicap formula, see: The USGA Manual

Adjusting Scores for USGA Handicapping

For USGA handicapping purposes, OGA members need to report an "adjusted gross score", in addition to their actual gross score. If you are not an OGA member, do not worry about reporting adjusted gross scores.

The adjusted gross score is determined by applying the "Equitable Stroke Control" rules described below. Your actual gross score will be used in determining weekly prize winners. Your adjusted score will be used in determining your USGA Handicap Index. Here's how you adjust your score:

From the USGA web page: 

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential scoring ability. ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player's Course Handicap. ESC is used only when a player's actual or most likely score exceeds his maximum number based on the table below. There is no limit to the number of holes on which a player may adjust his score.

18 Hole Course HandicapMax Score On Any Hole

9 or lessDouble Bogey

10 through 197

20 through 298

30 through 399

40 or more10

9 Hole Course HandicapMax Score On Any Hole

4 or lessDouble Bogey

5 through 97

10 through 148

15 through 199

20 or more10


  • Your "Course Handicap" is different than your "Handicap Index".

    Course Handicap = (Handicap Index) x (course slope rating) / 113, rounded to nearest whole number.



  • If you do not yet have a USGA handicap index, use 10 as your maximum allowed strokes until you receive a USGA handicap.



  • Recommendation - on your score card, above your actual score for each hole, indicate how many strokes you need to adjust by. When finished, just add up these adjustments and subtract from your actual score to get your adjusted score.



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