The Tektronix Golf League is now in it's 14th season of playing golf at local area golf courses. The league plays every Thursday after work from mid April in to September. The league is open to all Tektronix employees, former employees, retirees and Tek employee family/friends.

League Information

Here are some questions and answers that are often asked about the TekGolf League.

Who Can Participate?

The league is open to all Tektronix employees, their family and friends, retired Tektronix employees and past Tektronix employees.

What Do I Bring?

Bring your own golf clubs. If needed, golf clubs can be rented from the course. Generally we walk the course, but if a cart is required, that too can be rented.

When Do We Golf?

We golf every Thursday, rain or shine. Tee times start around 5pm and we have a foursome going out about every seven or eight minutes. A schedule of the weeks we are playing can be found here.

This year we will also be hosting weekend events - about once a month.

Where Do We Golf?

This year we will be golfing at at Meriwether National Golf Course and Quail Valley Golf Course (directions).  Meriwether will be rotating us between their three nines (north, south and west courses) and Quail will normally be sending us off the front nine.  We will also be playing a different course every 4th Thursday.  See the Schedule for details.

How Much Does it Cost?

This year the green fees at Meriwether will be $16 per nine holes and Quail will be $18 per nine holes. This money is payable each week directly to the golf course (pay in the clubhouse and tell them you are with Tektronix.) They accept cash, checks and credit cards.

We have an annual membership fee of $20 that allows you to participate in the Tektronix Golf League and makes you eligible for our weekly prize pot TekGolf fees are waived for the 2019 season. League members are also eligible to become Oregon Golf Association members for an additional $35 fee. These fees are payable to a league officer prior to playing golf.

If space is available, guests can participate on a weekly basis for a guest fee of $2.

What is the Prize Pot?

The prize pot is our weekly prize gimmick. Each week we give away a variety of prizes for closest-to-pin, best-second, longest drive, longest putt, low net and low gross scores. Generally we give away about a dozen prizes per week.

In order to "spread the wealth" and the enjoyment, we limit the weekly prize giveaways to one prize per person.

What is closest-to-pin?

Also known as "KP" for short, this is the shot that is closest to the pin on par 3's and is on the green. If no shot finds the green, there is no KP awarded.

What is best-second?

On par 4's this is awarded to the person whose second shot is on the green and closest to the hole. Again, if no one's second shot finds the green, there is no best-second awarded.

What is longest drive?

This prize is awarded to the person whose tee shot is farthest down the fairway, measured relative to the centerline of the fairway. Only shots coming to rest in the proper fairway are considered.

What is "longest in"?

The longest shot holed out on the designated hole is awarded this prize. The ball does not have to be holed out from the putting surface and does not have to be struck with the putter. This prize is usually call "longest putt", but chip-in's count.

How Many People Play?

Generally we have between 20 and 28 players, with an average of about 24 per week. We have tee-times reserved for 32 players.

Do You Keep Track of Scores?

Yes, we keep track of scores. We ask that one person in each foursome keeps track of scores. At the end of the nine holes, these are turned over to a league officer. Within the next few days, scores are posted to the web site. Rules on how we calculate the handicap can also be found on the web site.

Why Do You Keep Track of Scores?

One reason is that some of us like to see if we are getting any better! The other reason is that many of the prizes that we award are handicap-based and at the end of the season we hold a tournament that is handicap-based.

How Do I Sign Up For A Tee Time?

Send email to our scheduler, Marijo Labrousse. You can specify if you want to play with certain individuals and/or if you have a tee time preference (early or late). We will try to accommodate these preferences. The second option is to automatically sign-up to play every week. With this option, you will need to contact the scheduler if you cannot play.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Show up if you have signed up. We have a limited number of tee times. If you sign up and then don't show up, you may be denying another person an opportunity to play. We do keep track of no-shows and reserve the right to penalize habitual no-shows.

When are Requests for Tee Times Due?

Requests for tee times are due by close of business on Monday. The tee times are generally posted on Wednesday late afternoon.  We will take changes up until Wednesday noon.  We will also email the Tee Time Schedule to all participants that have been assigned a tee time.

Do You Have Any Special Rules?

We have a few special rules that help speed play. See this web page for details.

How Long Has This Been Going On?

We are now in our 12th season.

Does the TekGolf League Get Any Corporate Sponsorship?

We have been successful in getting a small amount of money from TECAP for the end-of-season tournament. Other than that, the league funds itself.

What is an OGA member club and how do TekGolf members benefit from this?

TekGolf is a member club of the Oregon Golf Association. If you are a member of TekGolf you may choose to also join the OGA. OGA members receive the benefits of having a USGA handicap index, and discounted greens fees at the OGA Course in Woodburn ($10 discount for 18 holes). In addition, having a USGA handicap allows you to see how your play rates relative to your peers. Should you choose, it also allows you to enter a number of local tournaments.

What does it cost to become an OGA member?

Cost for registering as an OGA member through TekGolf will be $30 per participant. If you signup by March 31, you will receive a $5 discount (only $25 by 3/31). Normally, to become an OGA member you must join a Men or Women's club, associated with a particular golf course, at the cost of $60-$100.

Only those players who choose to become OGA members will be assessed the $25 fee. You must first join the TekGolf League in order to be eligible for OGA membership.

Who are the League Officers?

    President/Communications:           Mark Johnson      

    Vice-President:           Mark Johnson      

    Scheduler:           Mark Johnson, Brent Brewer      

    Treasurer:           Susan Goncher      

    Scorekeeping/Handicap         Brent Brewer      

    Special Events Coordinator:           Mark Johnson

    Webmaster: Mark Johnson


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